Mobile Hormone Therapy: Bio-Identical Testosterone & HCG
- Take a short health survey to see if you qualify
- We come draw your blood sample and send it to the lab 
- Talk to one of our doctors online and get your medicine delivered discreetly to your door
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Realize Your True Potential

MobiWellness facilitates testosterone, HCG and hormone optimization, with care coordinated through our web portal (Computers, Tablets, iPhone and Android), enabling you to receive licensed treatment without ever leaving your home or office. 
What’s your potential? We built MobiWellness to help you live it. 
How It Works
Step #1: Mobile Blood Sample
Click below to register and then book your mobile blood draw appointment. Our mobile staffer will visit your home or office, record your vitals and draw a blood sample.
Step #2: Hormone Report
Within 10 business days, our lab issues a hormone report on your MobiWellness app. Analysis includes: testosterone (total and free), estrogen, progesterone, PSA, SHBG, CMP, TSH & hemoglobin.*
Step #3: Prescription and Physical
A MobiWellness practitioner calls you, reviews your report and customizes a protocol, that includes testosterone & HCG. A mobile practitioner also visits you to administer a physical and demonstrate medications.

Membership Covers:

  • Prescription Medication
  • In-House Mobile Blood Testing
  • ​Doctor Consults & Monitoring
  • ​VIP Concierge Care
  • ​Testosterone & HCG Therapy

Why MobiWellness?

How we stack up to the competitors

MobiWellness Hormone Therapy vs Comeptitors

2021 Promo Starts Now!

First 20 signups save $100 monthly.

– Promo: $249 Monthly –
– Regular: $349 Monthly –
Subscriptions with MobiWellness are $349 monthly – but signing up now locks-in a membership at $249 monthly.* A $150 setup fee applied to first visit for blood draw, lab work and your doctor consultation. Then everything is included in the monthly price!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
You simply schedule your free consultation with one of our hormone therapy experts to see if you qualify. If you qualify then you simply pay a $150 fee which covers us coming to you for the blood draw, the labs, and the initial doctor visit.

Once the labs come in you speak to our Doctor about those results. If both you and the Doctor decide you would like to move forward with treatment, the doctor will write a prescription then MobiWellness sends you your prescriptions discreetly directly to your door with EVERYTHING YOU NEED! 

For all maintenance blood work: Every few months when you need more blood work for the Doctor to monitor your levels, we come to you! Again, EVERYTHING is included, no extra fees!
How do I know if I qualify for treatment?
The simple answer is that there is no way to know for sure until after you and one of our doctors go over your bloodwork results. However, if you experience many of the signs of low testosterone and are over the age of 30, there is a good chance you will qualify. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with one of our hormone therapy experts below.

How much does it cost?
It's $249/mo with a one time $150 setup fee. That $150 setup fee covers one of our nurses to come to your home or office and draw your blood, then we send it to the lab for the blood work and then you meet with one of our doctors to discuss those lab results. 

If the doctor decides hormone therapy is right for you, then you can signup and its $249/mo special promo price now flat fee monthly. That includes EVERYTHING. The $249/mo is not charged until AFTER you speak to the Doctor and decide to move forward.
What is the normal treatment protocol for men?
The normal treatment protocol of course varies in dosage from patient to patient but it typically includes: 100mg Bio-Identical Testosterone Cypionate with Estrogen Blocker Anastrozole 2x Injections per week (200mg per week) as well as HCG 400mg 2-3x injections per week. That's right, we have HCG!

This is far superior to the "old" way where you go into a clinic once every 2 weeks for one BIG injection of 400mg then you deal with over 2 weeks of mood swings every month! We use a clinically proven protocol with 2x injections weekly in smaller amounts so that you avoid so many side effects. Makes sense right?
Does MobiWellness still provide HCG?
Absolutely! We work with the biggest labs and provide HCG as part of the standard treatment whereas most hormone therapy companies no longer have HCG which is needed to maintain fertility.
Do we take insurance?
We do not accept insurance but we offer an affordable monthly price and we take all major credit cards. 
What's included in the blood work results?
In men we test for: CBC (Includes Diff/Plt), PSA, Estradiol, Testosterone (Free And Total(Lc/Ms/Ms)), CMP, TSH
In women we test for: CBC (Includes Diff/Plt), Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone (Free And Total(Lc/Ms/Ms)), CMP, TSH
This is ALL Included in the initial $150 fee and all needed ongoing tests are included in the $249/mo. You may be offered additional tests but they are not required. Everything you need is included in the monthly price!
Are there any contracts or long term commitments?
None! If your blood results come back and the Doctor or YOU decide you don't need hormone therapy there are no more costs for you besides that initial $150 setup fee. If you decide to go forward, its simply $249/mo, you can cancel anytime. No hidden fees, contracts or long term commitments at all!

Book A Free 30 Minute Consultation with One of Our Hormone Therapy Experts

Want to get started with MobiWellness or have more questions? Book your 100% Free No Commitment Consultation Now

What People Are Saying:
MobiWellness is very responsive and provides quality care and service. I feel comfortable knowing the medication is clean and safe. And appointments for doctors visits are easy and well as blood draws. The mobile blood draw is a nice time saving benefit.
- John Roberts, FL
This service has been phenomenal! The set up was easy. They come to you and make everything pain free. Once you’re all set up and get your meds, the concierge and doctors make sure you’re taken care of. Dr. Carroll is the best. She does an overall wellness check and recommends additional supplements / vitamins to make sure your overall health is on point. Highly recommend!
- Blake Johnson, MA
I just signed up with MobiWellness and had my first lab ( blood draw) today at my home. From the first call to the blood draw – Katie the concierge and Jenny the phlebotomist – were truly helpful! They were excellent listeners and really explained the program well . This concept is really groundbreaking – to make this complex process very simple and safe – coming right to your home with expert services and medications. It’s the perfect time for this idea. It’s Genius. Thx!
- Timothy Brown, IL

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